The most advanced Pterodactyl Discord bot created.
25+ Commands
75+ Purchases
Five Star Rating
Full Customization
Developer is extremely kind, supportive, and goes out of his way to support you. I had a problem, and he stuck with me completely. His work ethic is above and beyond. Extremely pleased with my purchase. The bot's ui also works very well, and looks great. Highly recommend!
Developer is extremely kind, Excellent bot and great documentation.i had a problem and the dev helped me in no time. Great guy.

Autocomplete Servers

Unlike other bots, our bot autocompletes server names for you so you don't have to check your panel every time you run a command.


Our bot was written with localization in mind, which is why every message the bot sends can be easily translated and sent to the user based on their Discord language settings.

Live Output

Our live output system not only shows you realtime console messages in your server, but also resource usage including network ingress and egress.

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 support for all our products. If you face any issue or have any questions feel free to join the Discord and open a ticket at any time.
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